Fun Stuff!

Fun crafts, coloring pages, games and other printable items for kids, parents, teachers to enjoy! 


Dave Dog Color by Numbers!

Fun Dave the Dog rocking some blues color by numbers sheet! 

You'll need:
• crayons, markers or colored pencils


Monster Faces!

Want to add some monster fun to your day? Print and cut out faces. Then attach to a popsicle stick with a little glue and hold up to your face just under your nose. RRRAAAHH! Instant monster! 

You'll need:
• scissors
• glue
• popsicle stick


Rockin' Rhino Coloring Sheet

One of Scott's favorite things to do (besides drawing) is playing drums! Have fun coloring this Rockin' Rhino! Don't forget to use your imagination and draw in some of your own details, like a funny t-shirt or sunglass on the Rhino! 

You'll need:
• crayons, markers or colored pencils


Doodle Monsters Drawing Sheet

Practice doodling and using your imagination with this Doodle Monsters sheet. Grab a pencil, crayon, marker and draw details on the shapes to make your own monster or creation! Print multiple sheets and see how many you can come up with using the same shape. And don't forget to make up some of your own shapes! 

You'll need:
• pencil, pen, marker, or crayon