Picture Book Field Trip: Shorty & Clem and Caring for Your Lion

I read some really fun books on my field trip this week! Here are my favorites:

Shorty & Clem by Michael Slack

A fun little story about patience and friendship. Michael Slack is one of my favorite illustrators. I became a huge fan of his after his work on Nugget and Fang, which is one of my very favorite books! 

A package arrives for Clem and Shorty's imagination goes wild imagine what it could possibly be. He badly wants to open it, but doesn't want to upset Clem. Finally, Clem can't take it anymore and opens the package and has to admit to Clem. I won't tell you the ending :) Really fun story and great art! 

Shorty & Clem
By Michael Slack
Caring for Your Lion
By Tammi Sauer

Caring for Your Lion by Tammi Sauer, Illustrated by Troy Cummings.

My family has enjoy many of Tammi's books as they are always imaginative and fun. This book reads like an instruction manual when a boy who's expecting a kitten receives a lion instead! Tammi's words are embellished with the awesome art of Troy Cummings. I'm a big fan of Troy as well. Super fun book. I ain't LION. :)