Pop Wheels Series

A fun series of vehicle illustrations from pop culture. The inspiration for the series is my love of Hot Wheels and all the cool cars I grew up watching on TV like the A Team van and the General Lee. Stylistically I chose to do the cars in a lively graphic style which is a bit different than the highly rendered cars on the Hot Wheel Packaging. The vehicles are like characters themselves and have a little spring in their wheels.

The series won an AIGA Louisville award for illustration. Judges were Helen Armstrong (Miami University), Craig Welsh (Go Welsh) and Jessica Harllee (Etsy). 


Pop-Wheels Mystery-Machine.png
Pop-Wheels Batmobile.png
Pop-Wheels A Team.png
Pop-Wheels Ghostbusters.png
Pop-Wheels Fall Guy.png
Pop-Wheels Herbie.png
Pop-Wheels KITT.png
Pop-Wheels Miami Vice.png
Pop-Wheels Starsky Hutch.png
Pop-Wheels Waynes World.png
Pop-Wheels Shaguar.png
Pop-Wheels TMNT Van.png
Pop-Wheels General Lee.png
Pop-Wheels BTTF.png
Pop-Wheels Family Truckster.png
Pop-Wheels Jurassic Park.png
Pop-Wheels Magnum PI.png
Pop-Wheels Speed Buggy.png
Pop-Wheels Toy Story.png